Training Videos

Sr. No. Nextra Training Videos Video
1 How to install and log in to NEXTRA?
2 How to set the Market Watch Screen?
3 What are the initial steps to be performed before the start of trading activities?
4 How to create a Branch?
5 How to create a Dealer ID?
6 How to create a Client ID?
7 How to create an Investor Client ID?
8 How to create and assign Role to dealers/investor clients?
9 How to create and assign Category at branch/dealer/client level?
10 How to set RMS limits across branch/dealer/client?
11 How to update Collateral limits at Member and User level?
12 How to install and log in Nest File uploader?
13 How to upload Contract file and Position (PS03) file in Nest File Uploader?