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Investor Service Fund (ISF)

The Exchange has set up ISF to be utilized mainly for purposes stipulated below:
  • Conducting various investor education/awareness programs;
  • Capacity building programs;
  • Maintenance of all price ticker boards
  • Cost of training of arbitrators
  • Providing minimum facilities at Investor Service centers including costs of providing information about various commodities, financial papers, receiving and recording complaints, giving counselling services to investors etc.
  • Any other purpose that is specifically allowed by the SEBI
Contribution to ISF
1% percent of the turnover fees charged by the exchange from its members on monthly basis, subject to minimum of Rs.10 lakh in a Financial Year.
Circulars for ISF:
Sr. No. ISF
1. NCDEX/COMPLIANCE-008/2017/147 dated June 19, 2017.
2. NCDEX/IPF-001/2018/064 dated March 15, 2018.
Important link for Investors awareness/education
Sr. No. Investor may visit following links for information:
A Government/Ministry/State/Govt. agencies website
1 www.agriculture.gov.in
2 www.worldbank.org
B Other agencies website
1 www.commodityonline.com
2 www.agriwatch.com
3 www.epicresearch.co