NCDEX is an organization with strong values which is aligned to the mission and strategy. Our Human Resources strategy is deployed through the various policies and process, and are periodically reviewed on the basis of overall business goals, employee feedback and external benchmarking exercise undertaken from time to time. We are an equal opportunity employer and we hire talent through diverse sourcing channels with strong domain and industry knowledge

We Invest in Our People.

NCDEX values based on PRAGATI is the guiding principle for us to build a people focussed organization NCDEX values talent and provides career opportunities to individuals who are passionate, dedicated, and drive with high integrity. We provide for an environment which provides multiple opportunities to people to further their learning and career aspirations. To further the developmental needs and hone our people for future leadership opportunities and to achieve various human resources objectives such as orienting new employees, training employees, enhancing career development and preventing monotony at workplace, the organization promotes a platform for internal rotations across departments and also encourage within NCDEX Group, talent mobility. Our certification policy encourages employees to add to their skills and qualifications.

HR Policies and Framework

We have clearly defined policies including Code of Conduct guidelines, Whistleblower Policy and a structured consequence Management framework for Disciplinary Process. These provide the appropriate platform for all employees to take informed decision making.

Health & Wellness

Our human resource policies cover a wide range of health & wellness benefits covering retirals, health canteen subsidies, etc. The health benefits are deployed through insurance policies such as Group Mediclaim Policy, Group Personnel Accident Insurance Policy, Group Term Life Insurance Policy and Annual Health Checks. Such policies, keep the organization invested in the well-being of employees both within and outside the workplace.

Attracting right and retain talent

We have a well-documented framework and process driven approach towards recruitment and onboarding. We encourage referral programs and internal job postings to fulfil our talent needs. All new joiners undergo a week long induction process for better assimilation of the organization culture and understanding of the business.

Performance Management Framework

NCDEX has a structured process of performance evaluation which is called as “Unnati”. The PMS process is automated and captures goals, targets, achievements and also development needs. The compensation philosophy is linked with the individual performance & company performance. The performance evaluation is carried out through a transparent and consultative process. As an outcome of the fair performance assessment process, career growth of employees is taken care of through promotions and internal rotations.

Get to Know Us

We provide a highly conducive environment for our employees to grow. Our employees are constantly offered challenges and opportunities which enable them to push the envelope in terms of their skills and potential. As an employer, we:

  • Offer equal pay and opportunity
  • Nurture - internal talent for career growth
  • Have a transparent and open communication culture
  • Reward and recognize good work
  • High learning environment
Employee Speak

Know more about us as an employer here.

Avinash Mohan
EVP & Head - Surveillance & Investigation(NCDEX)

NCDEX is a one of a kind organization which is involved in pathbreaking work in agricultural markets which are the heart of the Indian economy. Every employee at the Exchange knows that his efforts are towards making a telling contribution to the modernization of agricultural markets and betterment of all those involved in this trade. Personally I feel that in the 15 years that I've been with the Exchange I've learnt immensely and contributed meaningfully towards this cause, facilitated of course by the culture of knowledge sharing and innovation.

Amit Pujara

I joined NCDEX in November 2006 as a Manager in a Regulatory Compliance Department after working for PwC for over 8 years in Assurance and Business Advisory Services. The role here demanded a deep understanding of commodity derivative market, interaction with the Regulator, setting up of Compliance culture within the Exchange. In 2009 I was promoted to Assistant Vice President as an Incharge of in Regulatory Compliance team. In 2010 got additional responsibility of working for Member Inspection Department. In 2013 I was promoted to Vice President and was designated as Head of Regulatory Compliance and Member Inspection. Based on my experience in a Regulatory department as well as professional qualification, the Exchange thought it fit to give me one more golden opportunity to shoulder responsibility of a Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of newly set up Repository platform called National E-Repository Limited in 2017. The journey so far has given a great experience due to open work culture, great leadership, talented colleagues and cohesive team. With nearly 13 years of experience with NCDEX group I still feel there is a lot of learning potential here and I need to work hard to be able to meet the expectations set by my organization.   

Bipin Veliyam
Vice President – Market Watch(NCDEX)

Joined NCDEX in November 2013 as a Senior Manager and was required to manage a unit within the Customer Service Department. In 2014, the VP, Customer Service choose to move to a new challenging role within the organization with a different Department. This presented me with the opportunity to take up the responsibility of managing the entire customer service team and was subsequently promoted as AVP in 2015. In subsequent years got the opportunity to manage various operations which were part of core technology group, also got to work with business team. At NCDEX I got a lot of opportunities to pick up different roles/profiles which helped me to learn and explore new areas every time which helped in developing myself professionally as well as personally.

Jigar Bhatia
Vice President – Market Watch(NCDEX)

I joined NCDEX in July 2010 as a Chartered Accountant (Fresher) and got an opportunity to work with Trading Operations team. Over my engagement of past 9 years, I had an exponential learning curve in this organisation. Company offers good career growth path and has an emphasis on Training and Development.  Management practice open door policy and heads of department are easily accessible for any discussions. Company has a culture of encouraging innovations and ideas as it acknowledges efforts. I am very satisfied with my corporate exposure at NCDEX and the work life balance the company offers.

Beyond Work

We work hard and play harder. At NCDEX every celebration is a cause to bond with each other beyond work. We encourage our employees to unwind and grow stronger as a team by spending time with each other through various events and celebrations. Here’s a glimpse into some of the events and celebrations at NCDEX.