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NCDEX provides its online trade data and other market related information to vendors / agencies for further processing and dissemination to their clients. This information would be provided to vendors on a non-exclusive basis, at a location in a pre-determined structure and time schedules.

The vendors may process, analyze and disseminate to its clients data provided by NCDEX. This information may be disseminated, in such form and format and in part or in whole, subject to certain terms, conditions and covenants which will be stipulated in the agreement to be executed by the vendor and NCDEX.

Vendors interested in receiving the feeds are requested to contact NCDEX at -

National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited
Akruti Corporate Park,1st Floor,
Near G.E.Garden, L.B.S. Marg,
Kanjurmarg (West), Mumbai - 400 078. India

Tel : (+91-22) - 6640 6789
Fax : (+91-22) - 6640 6899

Contact person: Shri Madan Sabnavis
Tel Dir. (+91-22) 66406604

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