GOLD Hedge

1 .The Difference
HEDGE contracts have perfect linkages with International markets hence no squeeze on the price movements especially during expiry dates.

2. Simplest Contract
For example, Gold Hedge contract is too simple to trade in. With just two factors to look for that is Final Settlement
Price calculation is simple and transparent because it involves just two factors i.e. International Price*(Rs./$)*31.98999.

3. You need not to worry and sweat during expiry
With this contract being intention matching, cash settlement will be done based on Final Settlement Prices.

4. You need not to pay tax on tax
Contract Value covers only value of Gold and not the other factors like Customs Duty, Premium, etc hence smaller contract size. Lower CTT and lesser margins applicability due to lower value of GOLD HEDGE Contract

5. Lowest impact cost
Increased leverage on margins, with lesser transaction costs can help you capitalize on more opportunities.