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Sr No. Description Updated On (.pdf)
1 Membership August 19, 2019
2 FAQ - Risk Reduction Mode March 28, 2016
3 Risk Management Fee. February 13, 2015
4 Short-collection of Client Margins. January 06, 2015
5 PAN Verification August 19, 2019
6 Inactive clients August 19, 2019
7 FAQ - Concentration Margin May 13, 2019
8 FAQ - Collateral August 26, 2019
9 FAQ - Clubbing of Positions January 16, 2017
10 FAQ - Authorised Person January 14, 2019
11 FAQ - User id January 14, 2019
12 FAQ - Insurance January 14, 2019
13 FAQ - GST June 16, 2017
14 FAQ - Regaining Matched Book August 28, 2017
15 FAQ - Enrollment of Participants for Spot Price Polling August 19, 2019
16 FAQ - options margins January 10, 2018
17 FAQ- Early Pay-in August 26, 2019
18 FAQ – Early Pay-In Facility for Farmers Producer Organization (FPO) August 26, 2019
19 FAQ - Margin Provisions for Intraday Crystallised Losses June 18, 2018
20 FAQ - Stop Loss September 18, 2019
21 FAQ - Stamp Duty September 20, 2019

1 Is NCDEX going to have its Clearing Corporation?
2 Who maintains and the Settlement Guarantee Fund?
3 How would contracts settle
4 What would be the settlement period?
5 Would you be providing for deliveries?
6 Are deliveries compulsory?
7 Would additional margins be levied for deliverable positions?
8 How would the settlement take place in commodity futures market?
9 How would a buyer take physical delivery from warehouse?
10 How would a seller get the electronic balance for the physical holdings?
11 How would the seller give an invoice to the buyer?
12 Process of Delivery at exchange for Seller Option, Compulsory Delivery, Intention Matching & Staggered/Early Delivery?
13 How many warehouses would be there?
14 How would you accredit warehouses?
15 Who would decide the warehousing charges?
16 Would health checks and inventory verification be carried out?
17 How sales tax is settled?
18 How will you ensure uniformity in delivered grades / varieties?
19 Would there be any premium / discounts for the difference in quality?
20 What happens when the commodities reach the validity date?
21 Would commodities be accepted without assayer's certificate?
22 Can commodities be re-deposited in the warehouse after the validity period of the assayer's certificate?
23 What is the procedure for handling bad delivery / part delivery?
24 How would disputes be resolved?
25 Who would be the clearing bankers?
26 Who would be the depository participants?
27 What is the procedure for entering / modifying / canceling delivery intention in Trader (NEAT) trading terminal?
28 What is the procedure for entering / modifying / canceling delivery intention in Tradex trading terminal?
1 What are the guidelines for issue of advertisement by the members?
2 Whether prior approval of the Exchange is required for issue of advertisement?
3 Can the logo of the Exchange be used by the member for issue of advertisement, use on letter head, visiting cards or website of the member?
4 Whether a member can trade through another trading member?
5 Is there any restriction on the members to carryout any activity other than trading on the Exchange platform like trading in securities?
6 What are the guidelines for appointment of Compliance Officers by the members?
7 Can a member enter into a common member client agreement with the client for all the Exchanges?
8 What are the guidelines issued by the Exchange for issue of contract notes?
9 Can digitally signed contract note be issued?
10 Are all the members of the Exchange required to take fidelity insurance?
11 What are the guidelines for display of details at member's office ?
12 What are the guidelines for portfolio management services by the members?
13 What are the guidelines for Brokerage to be charged by the member?
14 Is a copy of income tax returns mandatory to be collected by the members from the client at the time of registration or KYC?
15 What are the guidelines for trading in in-active client codes by the member?
Sales Tax
1 Does the trading / clearing member need to have local sales tax registration?
2 Do the market participants need to have sales tax registration?
3 In which state sale tax registration is to be obtained?
4 What is rate of sales tax applicable?
5 Who is responsible for payment of sales tax?
6 When is the sales tax payable by the buyers?
7 Can sales tax exemptions be availed? How?
8 What are the procedure for submission of the support documents /certificates / declarations for availing the sales tax exemptions?
9 If a client/participant trades in more than one commodity having delivery centers in different States does he need sales tax registration in each of such states?
10 In which file the amount of Sales Tax Collected/paid is reflected?
11 Is sales tax registration necessary for those commodities which are inclusive of all taxes and levies?
12 What is Anugya patra?
13 What is AMC Certificate?
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